UNIQUE CONCRETE SOLUTIONS are a Newcastle, Australia based company. Specializing in Commercial/Industrial & Residential platforms, in areas such as: Concrete grinding – Polished concrete – Surface preparation & Epoxy coatings. Based in Newcastle  N.S.W , we service Newcastle and the greater hunter region, as well as Australia wide.

Unique Concrete Solutions are committed to achieving quality results in every flooring contract we undertake, through constant research and development including implementing new techniques and procedure’s that have been proven to deliver greater results. We provide options for all types of concrete floors, from a newly designed concept floor, too an existing aged concrete floor, transforming them into finely crafted, visually stunning, durable flooring solutions that require minimal ongoing maintenance.

Complementing our polished concrete and epoxy flooring divisions, Unique Concrete Solutions surface preparation division has the ability to undertake large commercial operations throughout Newcastle and beyond, requiring fast and efficient service, through to smaller surface preparation requirements. With our large fleet of leading machinery in the industry, Unique Concrete Solutions surface preparation division offer reliability and competitive rates in todays market.

Unique Concrete Solutions continues to manage up to date safety procedures and policies offering minimal risks and/or hazards onsite. Unique Concrete Solutions promote a clean operation benefiting the client and worksite.

The trend in decorative and durable flooring solutions such as: Polished Concrete, Grind & Seal and Epoxy coatings whether commercial or residential, has been developing for some time now. The durability benefits alone have impressed in high traffic flooring areas, as well as industrial spaces requiring extreme durability. The decorative effects of polished concrete and epoxy coatings are simply beautiful, with amazing colour options and the creative options of additives to new concrete floors, your floor can be a unique as you want it to be.

If there happens to be a restriction on having a polished concrete surface achieved on your existing substrate, then a cementitious overlay will be an exciting option. With customisation options available, a topping is applied over the existing substrate and polished allowing the dream of having that seamless polished concrete look become a reality.

Servicing Newcastle and the greater hunter region, Unique Concrete Solutions are your decorative flooring solution company.