Burnished Concrete

Burnished concrete floors are a popular flooring finish, due to it’s minimalistic charm.

The natural reaction of curing concrete sided with the tooling procedures of steel trowed finishing techniques, provide a non aggregate cement lustre across the surface, generally it will take on a darker appearance than earlier, though the natural blemishes somewhat tie it all together.

It is important to have the appropriate MPA strength to begin with,  generally 32MPA would be suitable. The concrete surface requires multiple steel trowel passes to achieve flatness and blemishes,

that give burnished concrete it look.

Standard practice suggests allowing the concrete to hydrate before commencing works.

It is a great advantage if the floor is as flat as it can be from the concreter.

The process of burnishing does not remove large variations across the surface, resulting in an uneven finish.

In the case of an even floor, topical sealers can be applied to unify the consistency.

Unique Concrete Solutions can provide burnished concrete finishes, providing the foundation (concrete) is in a suitable condition to work with.

Servicing Newcastle & The Hunter Valley, we provide prompt , reliable service with competitive rates.

Some finishes of Burnished Concrete can be viewed below:

Burnished Concrete floor

Burnished Concrete