Unique Concrete Solutions offer modern flooring solutions for commercial and retail projects, throughout Newcastle and the hunter region. With the need for high durability and low maintenance, Unique Concrete Solutions mechanically polished concrete finishes are proven to withstand high traffic and offer great longevity.

With the variety of concrete out there, whether its existing or newly designed, Unique Concrete Solutions can custom grind your floor to achieve your desired appearance. whether its to suit a themed fit-out or a “lets see what the concrete offers” type of scenario.

Polished concrete


The aesthetic values of our polished concrete flooring solutions will excite and amaze. Whether your looking to have a low gloss industrial polished concrete look for your business, or a high gloss refined finish for a more reflective flooring solution, Unique Concrete Solutions can tailor the finish to suit your requirements.


Traditional flooring solutions do have their place, however can be acceptable to wear and tear, damage or completely destroyed due to un foreseen circumstances, where as Unique Concrete Solutions polished concrete solutions are extremely resilient to high traffic areas and are proven to last.

Our dedication to providing a clean & tidy operation from commencement through to completion, offers clients a less stressed environment complimented with industry leading machinery, the transformation is completed efficiently with minimum downtime to the client.

Unique Concrete Solutions
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