Decorative Concrete Flooring

  • Outstanding Performance
  • Modern Design
  • Eco-Friendly

What we're good at

polished concrete

Premium flooring solution, with many variations of finishes to choose, a great option for a quality floor.

Honed concrete

Cost effective flooring, with great benefits. Available in Matte/Satin/Gloss

protective coatings

Tough, durable coatings suitable for harsh environments .

surface preparation

Mechanical diamond grinding providing the most superior concrete preparation requirements.

burnished concrete

A desired flooring finish, full of character.

Cementitious Overlays

Where safety meets aesthetics, quality anti-slip flooring eliminating the risks.

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What Our Customers say

Highly recommended. Excellent communication of the process at all stages and totally professional. A true perfectioinist with the highest standards.

David Powers

Highly recommend Unique Concrete Solutions, Extremely happy with the value and quality of service provided.

Kayla Thorne

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