Decorative Concrete Flooring

  • Ultimate Performance- Outstanding Durability
  • Modern Design- Stylish Appearance
  • Eco-Friendly- Low Allergenic

What we Do

polished concrete

Premium flooring solution, with many variations of finishes to choose, a great option for a quality floor.

Honed concrete

Cost effective flooring, with great benefits. Available in Matte/Satin/Gloss

protective coatings

Tough, durable coatings suitable for harsh environments .

surface preparation

Mechanical diamond grinding providing the most superior concrete preparation requirements.

burnished concrete

A desired flooring finish, full of character.

Cementitious Overlays

Where safety meets aesthetics, quality anti-slip flooring eliminating the risks.

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Concrete flooring has been used as a strong foundation to build upon for a while now, generally not considered as a decorative finish until now!

Finishes such as Polished concrete, Honed concrete, Burnished concrete have changed the flooring game!

Offering great features and competitive pricing similar to alternative floor coverings.

Polished concrete by far is our most popular choice when it comes to modern flooring solutions.


Highly recommended. Excellent communication of the process at all stages and totally professional. A true perfectionist with the highest standards.

David Powers

Highly recommend Unique Concrete Solutions, Extremely happy with the value and quality of service provided.

Kayla Thorne

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