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Flake Flooring

Flake flooring provides a personalised, eye-catching finish.

Epoxy flake flooring is a unique and visually captivating flooring solution that combines the durability of epoxy coatings with the aesthetic appeal of decorative flakes. During the application process, multiple layers of epoxy resin are applied to the prepared concrete surface, creating a strong and seamless foundation. Colourful acrylic flakes are then broadcast onto the epoxy, creating a dynamic and textured appearance that hides imperfections and adds depth. Flake flooring not only offers outstanding durability and resistance to various stresses, but also delivers a personalised and eye-catching finish that suits a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial settings.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Flake floors are a highly customizable decorative flooring option providing a consistent aesthetic appearance with great durability.

Yes, quality flake flooring has proven to handle heavy traffic requirements.

Generally depending on area and weather conditions, a standard garage can take 2-3
days to complete.

No, however if a glazed top coat is requested, the textured element of a traditional flake floor, no longer offers the grip the traditional flake floor finish does.


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