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Polished concrete provides a versatile surface that can take on a variety of aesthetics through various finishing techniques. At Unique Concrete Solutions, we offer a range of polished concrete options to suit different design preferences and applications. Here is a breakdown of the different types of polished concrete finishes available:

Honed Concrete

A honed concrete finish is created through an abrasive grinding and polishing process that smooths the concrete surface. This exposes a controlled amount of the concrete’s aggregate while maintaining a matte sheen. The refined texture of honed concrete lends an elegant yet industrial aesthetic. It is ideal for high-end residential spaces, luxury stores, and other environments where a low-gloss look is preferable.

Honed concrete with matte finish

Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is done to level and smooth uneven concrete before applying other polished finishes. The grinding phase removes imperfections, high and low spots on the surface. It preps the concrete for subsequent honing, sealing or staining. As a standalone option, grinding achieves a flat, low-sheen look suitable for warehouses, factories and commercial garage floors where durability is key.

Flake Flooring

Flake flooring is a popular polished concrete option for a reason. With vibrant colour and visual appeal, flake flooring contains decorative acrylic flakes into layers of epoxy resin applied on the concrete surface. The textured flakes stand out against the coated base for a unique two-tone effect. Popular flake finishes range from subtle earth tones to bright metallic tones and everything in-between. They work well for high-traffic areas like showrooms, workshops and patios.

Newcastle Flake Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

A polished epoxy finish provides highly durable, chemical and impact-resistant flooring. Multiple coats of 100% solids epoxy resin are applied and cured, forming a seamless glossy seal over the concrete. Unique Concrete Solutions’ epoxy flooring is available in solid colours as well as metallic and quartz options for high-end commercial and industrial applications. It has high gloss retention suitable for labs, medical centres, and other wet areas.

Metallic Flake Epoxy

This variety combines the best of flake flooring and epoxy finishes. Metallic flakes ranging from bronze to pewter to gunmetal gray are incorporated into the epoxy resin coating. The result is a richly variegated polished surface with flecks of dazzling metallic pigment throughout. Metallic flake epoxy lends interior and exterior spaces an elegant industrial chic look and feel.

Choosing the right polished concrete finish depends on your project’s requirements. At Unique Concrete Solutions, our professional team helps assess the setting and intended use to recommend options suited to aesthetic preferences, practical needs and budget. We have the expertise to skillfully craft polished concrete surfaces with diverse textures, designs and sheens through proven techniques.

Contact us today to discuss transforming your space through one of these stunning polished concrete finish options.

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