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At Unique Concrete Solutions, we are experts in the restoration of residential and commercial concrete surfaces using industry-leading concrete grinding equipment and years of experience. Concrete Grinding is a fantastic option for unlocking the versatility of your space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete grinding can be an effective and efficient option, this does translate to the costs of a specific removal. Get in touch regarding your project for us to provide more accurate pricing.

Generally it is the top layer that requires amending or removal, meaning 1-2 mm, though further grinding can be achieved by the same process. If heavy removal is required, it may be more cost effective and efficient to use alternative methods other than concrete grinding.

Yes, concrete grinding has the ability to rectify uneven surfaces, whether it’s high spot removing or aggressive bulk removal to achieve a flatter surface.

The length of time it takes to grind concrete can vary depending on the size of the floor area that requires grinding. This means that a small residential project will generally be finalised in a shorter period of time, however larger scale projects such as outdoor areas and commercial spaces can take longer. At UCS we always operate with transparency from the outset and clearly communicate with our clients the timeframe of the project.


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