Concrete grinding newcastle

Unique Concrete Solutions are Newcastle and Hunter Region first choice when it comes to competitive rates, and prompt reliable service.  

Surface preparation is used commonly for preparing the surface for the next stage of works such as sealing/painting/tiling/direct stuck surface products.Common examples requiring surface preparation are : rain damaged pads,  high spots in concrete, removal of screeds,paints,glues,coatings etc.

Unique Concrete Solutions provide fast, effective measures for your floor preparation requirements. With market leading machinery our fleet ranges from our small effective hand held options through to our walk behind series: 250mm/PG530mm/PG820mm , complimented by our quality vacuum systems.

Whether its large or small Unique Concrete Solutions can provide the service you may require. Servicing Newcastle & Hunter Region.

Diamond Grinding– Synthetic diamond segments embedded in various metal bonds(Soft/Medium/Hard etc). Great for light even removal from the concrete surface, removal of topical coatings, high spots, in most cases a first stage solution.



Topical coating removal


Shot Blasting-Shot blasting works much like sandblasting.  A blast wheel spinning at high speed throws steel shot at the concrete where it profiles the floor.  A vacuum system then draws the shot and concrete dust off the floor. The heavy shot is recycled and the dust is draw into the vacuum.  Shot blasting is common form of preparation for large horizontal concrete surfaces.

Scarifying-Scarification works by using steel and or carbide star shaped cutters mounted in rows with several rows around the perimeter of a rotating drum.  The cutters come in several sizes and variations for different applications.  With this drum machines can remove between 2 mm to 5 mm in a single pass.  Scarifyer’s are most often seen in the road construction business.  They can be used for the removal of asphalt roads traffic lines, grinding down high spots and grooving the surface. Scarification is very effective in removal of old coatings and resurfaces.

If your requiring any Surface Preparation in Newcastle and the Hunter Region, Call Unique Concrete Solutions today.